Catherine Exhibit

A 30-year journey

LEVEL TWO ~ Catherine

The Second Level: Michael Ninn’s Journey in the Adult Industry

Upon ascending to the second level of the Catherine exhibition, visitors embark on a compelling journey through the evolution of the adult entertainment industry, with a focus on the remarkable career of Michael Ninn. Spanning three decades, this immersive experience delves into Ninn’s groundbreaking contributions to the industry, from his early successes to his trailblazing ventures as a director and producer.


Visitors are greeted with an introductory display featuring archival footage, photographs, and memorabilia showcasing the vibrant history of the adult entertainment industry.

A timeline highlights significant milestones in Michael Ninn’s career, setting the stage for the immersive journey ahead.

Early Career and Accolades:

The exhibition delves into Michael Ninn’s auspicious beginnings with VCA Pictures, where he burst onto the scene with his groundbreaking films “Sex,” “Latex,” and “Shock.”

Display cases feature original posters, promotional materials, and artifacts from Ninn’s early films, illustrating his innovative approach to storytelling and cinematography.
A dedicated section celebrates Ninn’s unprecedented success, with AVN trophies prominently displayed to commemorate his 31 award wins in the first three years of his career.

Venture into Entrepreneurship:

After eight prolific years with VCA Pictures, Michael Ninn embarked on a new chapter by founding his own production company, Ninn Worx.

Interactive displays offer insights into Ninn’s decision to strike out on his own, highlighting his vision for artistic autonomy and creative freedom.

Memorabilia from Ninn Worx’s inaugural productions, including scripts, props, and behind-the-scenes footage, provide a glimpse into the company’s innovative storytelling and production techniques.

LEVEL TWO ~ A 30 Year Journey

Evolution of Ninn Worx:

The exhibition traces the evolution of Ninn Worx from its humble beginnings to becoming an industry powerhouse, known for its groundbreaking films and award-winning talent.

Video installations showcase excerpts from Ninn Worx’s most iconic productions, offering visitors a firsthand look at Ninn’s distinctive aesthetic and cinematic style.

Personal anecdotes and testimonials from industry insiders shed light on Ninn’s collaborative approach and his impact on the adult entertainment landscape.

Legacy and Impact:

The final section of the exhibition pays tribute to Michael Ninn’s enduring legacy and his contributions to the adult entertainment industry.

Interactive kiosks invite visitors to explore Ninn’s filmography, learn about his influence on contemporary filmmakers, and discover his ongoing commitment to artistic expression and boundary-pushing storytelling.

The exhibition culminates with a retrospective of Ninn’s remarkable career, celebrating his over 80 AVN Awards and his lasting imprint on the world of adult entertainment.

As visitors conclude their journey through the second level of the Catherine exhibition, they emerge with a deeper understanding of Michael Ninn’s indelible impact on the adult industry and his enduring legacy as a visionary filmmaker and pioneer.

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